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January 21, 2020

Ensuring Womens’s Rights to Reproductive Health

A Conversation with Keifer Buckingham

Mother and child international, UN photo from Flickr

In recent decades, the U.S. global health agenda has led to progress across a spectrum of global health issues, including maternal and reproductive health. A key challenge which the global health community now faces is adapting to the United States’ current stance on reproductive rights and family planning.

Keifer Buckingham, senior policy advisor at Open Society Foundations, discussed her work on ensuring universal access to health and human rights, while also sharing her perspective on the unique dilemma facing women’s and reproductive rights in today’s political climate.

This event was part of Georgetown’s Conversations in Global Health course, which brings leaders in global health to Georgetown to discuss their careers and work. These structured conversations, led by John Monahan and Maeve McKean, are open to all faculty, students, and staff.

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Maeve McKean is the executive director of Georgetown's Global Health Initiative.  A lawyer who works at the intersections of global health and human rights. She is a graduate of Georgetown University, jointly earning a law degree from Georgetown Law and a master’s degree from the Walsh School of Foreign Service.

John Monahan is the senior advisor for global health to President John J. DeGioia; senior fellow, McCourt School of Public Policy; and senior scholar, O'Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law.