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About the Initiative

The Georgetown Global Health Initiative serves as a university-wide platform for supporting research, teaching, and service in global health and for developing concrete solutions to the health challenges facing families and communities throughout the world.



This is a picture of globe in the dark. It focus on the United States.

New Blog on Lessons from Global Health

Charles B. Holmes, director of Georgetown's Center for Innovation in Global Health, recently co-wrote a new blog on Health Affairs that discusses lessons from experience working through public health challenges with governments and partners around the world, along with reflections on how they can improve American health and response to COVID-19.

Vaccine Wars

As a guest on the Altamar Podcast Lawrence Gostin, director of the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, discussed the geopolitics of the global vaccine race and how countries can mitigate winner-take-all risks.

Georgetown Outbreak Activity Library (GOAL) Launches

Launched July 31, 2020, the Georgetown Outbreak Activity Library (GOAL) provides a platform that shares resources throughout all phases of outbreak management, from preparedness to recovery. Georgetown University Center for Global Health Science and Security and Georgetown's Global Health Initiative are project partners.