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For Students

For Students

Georgetown students are encouraged to participate in the institute’s activities through events and select academic global health programs. The institute collaborates with faculty leaders; university administrators; and programs, research centers, and institutes across Georgetown’s schools to engage students in global health-related activities.

Maeve McKean speaking at a podium

Maeve McKean Global Health Award

The undergraduate McKean fellow spends their junior year on campus working to advance a faculty member’s research and is awarded $6,500 to conduct their own research the summer before their senior year.

Student Fellows Program

Student Fellows Program

Undergraduate and graduate students can work with faculty on research projects, participate in global health-related events, and network with one another and scholars in the global health field.

Students interested in global health

Jobs and Opportunities

If you’re a Georgetown student interested in learning more about global health and exploring careers in the field, check out the programs and opportunities.

Featured News

A picture of Dr. Ralf Martz Sulague (G’23) and Dr. Allison Fitzgerald (M’23, G’23)

Dr. Ralf Martz Sulague (G’23), who graduated with a master's degree in global health, and Dr. Allison Fitzgerald (M’23, G’23), who completed her dual Ph.D. and M.D. eight years after arriving at Georgetown, reflect on what drives their desire to improve health care for those who need it most.

A group of trees

Building on Georgetown’s commitment to advance environmental sustainability and justice, the School of Foreign Services' science, technology, and international affairs program has partnered with the university’s Earth Commons Institute, a hub for environmental and sustainability innovation.

Mural of female healthcare worker in PPE on city building

On April 30, join the English Graduate Student Association (Online & Asynchronous) Conference on the roles and responsibilities of the humanities during the age of COVID-19. Participants are invited to submit papers that consider these questions through multivalent and interdisciplinary approaches.

Opportunities for Enhanced Defense, Military, and Security Sector Engagement in Global Health Security

Professor Ellen P. Carlin and student research assistants Mackenzie S. Moore and Emily Shambaugh (Center for Global Health Science and Security) worked with EcoHealth Alliance to identify ways in which the defense, military, and security sectors can step up global health security efforts.

Maggie Raymond in nurse's scrubs

Since March, Maggie Raymond (NHS’13) has been working in New York City on the front lines of the COVID-19 response. Raymond says that “Georgetown and emergency nursing have both taught me how to have grace under pressure, a skill that I’ve relied on heavily this past year.”

This is a picture of GHI students fellows at a networking event. A boy is on the left and a girl is on the right.

This year GHI launched a virtual open house page offering a variety of ways to learn more about global health opportunities at Georgetown. Check out videos featuring faculty leaders describing their academic programs, information on global health academic programs, and links to research centers…

This is a picture of the Clock Tower Quadrangle at Georgetown Law Center

The O'Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown Law interviewed New Delhi lawyer and alumnus Kashish Aneja about his experience as an international student interested in global health law to help students learn more about Georgetown's LL.M. program.