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The initiative advances interdisciplinary research in global health by amplifying the work of existing university centers and institutes, bringing leading scholars to campus to interact with Georgetown faculty and students, and sponsoring a collaborative research seed grants program.

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This is a thermometer showing very high temperature: 41 degrees centigrade or 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

Colin J. Carlson (Center for Global Health Science and Security) and Shweta Bansal (Department of Biology) recently co-authored a “Comment” in Nature Communications discussing misconceptions about weather and seasonality's influence on COVID-19 transmission, emphasizing that this should not misguide

China's Emerging Role in Global Health

This article was published in the Health Affairs Blog by scholars in Georgetown's U.S.-China Initiative Research Group on Global Health and Migration as part of their collaborative research.

Outside Globe

GU's Drew Aiken and Eric Friedman on why a lack of response to TB based in human rights, including moving rapidly to community-based care and improving the conditions in prisons, will cause progress to remain fatally slow.