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The Global Health Initiative serves as a university-wide platform for supporting faculty, students, and staff who are contributing to global health through research, teaching, and service.

The initiative is jointly led by Edward Healton, executive vice president for health sciences and executive dean of the School of Medicine, and Thomas Banchoff, vice president for global engagement. It is coordinated by a faculty committee drawn from across campuses, led by Drs. Healton and Banchoff in collaboration with John Monahan, senior advisor to President John J. DeGioia.

Faculty Committee

Jishnu Das headshot

Jishnu Das

McCourt School of Public Policy; School of Foreign Service


John Kraemer headshot

John Kraemer

School of Nursing and Health Studies

Associate Professor

John T. Monahan headshot

John T. Monahan

O'Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law

Senior Scholar

Deborah Phillips headshot

Deborah Phillips

Department of Psychology; Georgetown College

Professor; Vice Dean of Faculty

Steven Singer headshot

Steven Singer

Department of Biology; School of Medicine


Student Fellows

Hamid Ehsan headshot

Hamid Ehsan

Biomedical Graduate Education

Fall 2020 Fellow

Aeisha Kangan headshot

Aeisha Kangan

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Fall 2020 Fellow

Natalie Kim headshot

Natalie Kim

School of Foreign Service

Fall 2020 Fellow

Lizzy Kim headshot

Lizzy Kim

School of Medicine

Fall 2020 Fellow

Emily Pelles headshot

Emily Pelles

McCourt School of Public Policy

Fall 2020 Fellow

Beatrice Salas headshot

Beatrice Salas

School of Nursing and Health Studies

Fall 2020 Fellow

Joy Steenson headshot

Joy Steenson

School of Nursing and Health Studies

Fall 2020 Fellow

Research Assistants

Jiaqi Zhao headshot

Jiaqi Zhao

McCourt School of Public Policy

Graduate Research Assistant