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September 11, 2023

Public Health and Soft Power: South Korea's COVID-19 Response and Implications for Soft Power

Event Series: Global Health Security Seminars

People wearing face masks in South Korea while riding public transportation

In this seminar, Jennifer Bouey, associate professor in Georgetown’s School of Health, shared her latest projects to promote global health dialogues and global infectious disease response system strengthening in Asia. Her study focuses on the South Korea government’s early responses to COVID-19 and how such success impacts the country’s global soft power. Bouey discussed how this case study will provide a model to analyze soft power and pandemic response strengthening and to open discussions on health diplomacy in the changing geopolitics.

This event was co-sponsored by the Center for Global Health Science and Security, the School of Health’s Department of Health Management and Policy, and the Global Health Institute.


Jennifer Bouey is a tenured associate professor and the chair of the Department of Global Health at Georgetown University’s School of Health. As an epidemiologist with training in clinical medicine and quantitative research, she has led multiple research initiatives on social determinants of health and global health equity and security. Bouey has served as a consultant to the World Bank Group, UNAIDS, Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative, Hong Kong Government AIDS Fund, and other international organizations.