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June 22, 2021

Walk and Talk with a Global Health Professor: Joan Lombardi and Phyllis Magrab

Event Series: Walk and Talk with a Global Health Professor

Indonesian children eating

During this walk with Joan Lombardi and Professor Phyllis Magrab, they discussed the importance of providing children with the critical supports for healthy development and well-being, amidst challenging global issues such as conflict, migration, climate change and other unexpected emergency situations. The discussion addressed these challenges and effective interventions. 


Professor Joan Lombardi

Joan Lombardi

Joan Lombardi is a senior scholar at the Georgetown Center for Child and Human Development. She is a leading expert on early childhood development and child and family policy. As director of the Children's Project LLC she advises a number of foundations and policy initiatives and helps create innovative projects with national and international organizations. Lombardi served as the deputy assistant secretary for external affairs in the Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and as the first director of the Child Care Bureau.

Professor Phyllis Magrab

Phyllis Magrab

Phyllis Magrab is a professor of pediatrics in the School of Medicine and director of the Center for Child and Human Development at Georgetown University. She co-leads the University Wide Initiative on Health Disparities to address the compelling equity issues of our time. Dr. Magrab is a UNESCO Commissioner and holds a UNESCO chair. She also serves as the vice-chair of the US-Afghan Women’s Council, a public-private partnership to advance the status of women and children in Afghanistan, and champions early intervention programs in the global arena.