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February 28, 2020

Student Spotlight: Joey Edmunson

Joey Edmundson (SFS’22) is an undergraduate studying international economics. He is currently enrolled in the India Innovation Studio and plans to study abroad in India in Spring 2021. 

Tell us why you are interested in global health?

As an international economics major in the School of Foreign Service, I had previously thought that my career trajectory had to be strictly in the realm of economic analysis, consulting, etc. However, since getting to Georgetown, I have realized that our degrees can be applied to and further specified in a variety of sectors and industries. Therefore, since getting back from India on an Alternative Breaks Program Magis Trip this past winter break, I wanted to further explore my overlapping interests of economic development and global health. So many development indicators are closely related to economics and healthcare, and so I wanted to further investigate this intersection during my undergraduate years.

What are some global health events you have participated in on campus? 

The best opportunity I have had at Georgetown in regard to global health was the Alternative Breaks Program Magis trip to New Delhi, India to explore the river pollution of the Yamuna River. Being able to see firsthand not only the pollution of the river from industrialization, but also its subsequent consequences on the everyday life of the surrounding communities was one of the most intense and informative experiences of my life. Furthermore, I have been involved in different environmental groups such as the Green Club and Corp Green at Georgetown. These groups have taught me about the intersection between climate change and global health.

What activities are you involved with on campus?

Over my two years at Georgetown, I have been able to explore a lot of different interests of mine. I currently am involved with the International Relations Club having been on the senior staff of a Model United Nations conference last fall. Furthermore, I am a member of the contemporary mass choir, work at the Corp (the largest entirely student-run 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation in the world), and am a consultant for DCivitas, a pro bono nonprofit consultant group at Georgetown. 

What is your favorite part about being at Georgetown?

My favorite part about Georgetown is the opportunity to explore all of my interests inside and out of the classroom. Never would I have imagined I would sign up for a class such as this global health-focused one that does not count for my major, but Georgetown has given me this space to expand my horizons. Furthermore, I have been able to join really amazing organizations and have meaningful conversations and relationships with my professors. Overall, I learn as much outside the classroom here as I do inside.

Tell us about your educational and professional aspirations.

Currently, I am pursuing an international economics major with a possible international development minor or business diplomacy certificate. I am really interested in sustainable economic development, and so I will be studying abroad in India next spring on a program focused on sustainable development and social change. With these experiences, I hope to either go into either some type of consulting career focused on international development, the development finance sector, or impact investing.