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February 6, 2020

Student Spotlight: Victoria Lima

Victoria Lima (SFS ‘21) is a junior in the School of Foreign Service studying Global Business with a minor in French.

Tell us about your interest in global health. 

I became interested in Global Health due to my Brazilian background and seeing the direct implications of health concerns on a developing country. As someone who was so fortunate to never worry about their own health, I became interested in helping others live healthier, more fulfilled lives. I view health an intriguing, complex issue that also serves as a precedent to improving all other aspects of life. Therefore, through investment in health, it can lead to a massive ripple effect that can help countries develop economically and improve the world. As a business major, I am interested in the role the private sector can play in development and view the role of companies to improve global health as a critical point to help further international development on a broad scale. 

Tell us about other global health events you may have participated in on campus/in D.C.What inspired you to participate in the Conversations in Global Health course? 

 As I have only recently begun exploring my interest in the realm of global health, this course is my first encounter with the subject first hand. However, I intend on using this course as a springboard to increase my knowledge and create further opportunities to get involved in global health initiatives both at Georgetown and in DC.

What activities are you involved with on campus? 

On campus, I am the Chief Growth and Strategy Officer for One for the World Georgetown, a national non-profit organization that ask students to pledge 1% of future income to effective charities with proven high ROI. The majority of these charities work on health initiatives with individuals living in extreme poverty, including the Against Malaria Foundation, Deworm the World Initiative, and the Helen Keller International's Vitamin A Supplementation program. Furthermore, I am also involved in the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union (GUASFCU) and Zeeba, an emerging markets investment fund. 

What is your favorite part about being at Georgetown? 

My favorite part of being at Georgetown is all the incredible resources available to students. From incredible, intelligent professors that make an effort to truly connect with students on a personal level and help them whenever they need, to engaging courses and extracurriculars that allows each student to further their knowledge on any niche subject they may choose to pursue. Lastly, the other students at Georgetown are an endless source of inspiration; everyone is not only extremely driven and smart, but are also always working to help others learn more while collaborating to further improve the community. 

Tell us about your educational and professional aspirations. 

After graduating, I hope to begin my career working in the financial services industry. I want to apply my passion for business specifically to emerging markets and developing countries and work on investment initiatives in these countries to improve lives through the private sector. However, I believe that the private sector and public sector cannot effectively combat global issues in isolation; thus, I view my SFS degree as the perfect liaison to bridge the gap between the two areas. I hope my professional career will allow me to do the same, while making a lasting impact in the world.