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Hamza Ahmad headshot

Hamza Ahmad

Biomedical Graduate Education Department

Hamza Ahmad (G’22) is a candidate in the Master of Science in Physiology and Biophysics Special Master’s Program in the Biomedical Graduate Education Department. While receiving his B.S.A. in neuroscience at the University of Texas at Austin, Hamza further developed his interests in public health and sociology to improve health outcomes in under-resourced communities. After graduating, he gained professional experience empowering health care systems at Global Health Corps and strived to improve clinical outcomes in cancer care through precision medicine research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. As an aspiring physician, he hopes to continue combating health equity and disparities through his interests in cancer research, medical ethics, and global health. As a spring 2022 GHI student fellow, Hamza worked with Dr. John Marshall on global access to cancer care through precision medicine.