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Naisa Rahman headshot

Naisa Rahman

Medical Student at the School of Medicine

Naisa Rahman (M’27) is a medical student at Georgetown University’s School of Medicine. She completed her bachelor’s degree in public health at Johns Hopkins University and her master’s degree in physiology at Georgetown University. Following her studies, she hopes to return to public service as a future physician. Naisa has served at the Georgia Department of Public Health and the Baltimore City Health Department, working on various issues, from adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) prevention to infectious disease surveillance. Most recently, she was a part of global vaccination and pandemic preparedness efforts at the Task Force for Global Health. In her community-based learning course at Georgetown, Naisa became engaged with NOVA Friends of Refugees, which allowed her to understand how advocacy can diversify the physician workforce and reduce health disparities. As a spring 2024 GHI student fellow, she will work with Ming-Jung Ho on developing a curriculum for resident physicians who are international medical graduates (IMGs)—graduates of medical schools outside of the United States.